Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tempo Run at the Back Cove

Got in a pretty good tempo workout this evening at the Back Cove in Portland. Ran two laps for a bit over seven miles. The goal was to have my average pace be less than seven minutes a mile, so mission accomplished. I felt I went out a bit too fast for the first two miles, but then settled down a bit for the next two, then picked it up for the rest at a faster but more comfortable pace. Much better to warm up first and then pick up the pace, so I was being stupid.

1- 6:47
2 -6:47
3 -7:03
4 -7:10
5 -6:53
6 -6:53
7 -6:43
(last .2) - 6:53/mile pace.

Earlier in the day I had toyed with idea of doing three laps at a sub-7 pace, but I felt two was adequate and I knew I probably wouldn't be able to hold the pace much beyond that at this point. I felt bad because I started earlier and ended earlier than I had anticipated and as a result Chuck showed up just as I had finished (we had agreed to meet there a little after 5pm). He assured me it was no problem and while he ran I went and got sushi at Whole Foods. Chuck finished his run and left to meet me there, but alas I had just left again as he arrived. You see, this is the only way I can beat Chuck, as it won't happen when running.

However, we met up at Maine Running Company shortly thereafter (along with other Trail Monster runners Ian, Jim, Blaine and Scott) for a talk by Dr. Jamie Raymond on barefoot running. Dr. Raymond played an intricate part in helping me get on the path to curing my plantar fasciitis last year... very smart guy and very down to earth. He did a great job at explaining the mechanics of barefoot running vs. shoe running, as well as other related topics, to several dozen runners. Great clinic!

Ran 7.2 miles @ 6:54/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 163/174
Packed trails.
Slightly hilly.
Upper 40s, partly cloudy.
Asics GT-2120 (heelless), shorts, long sleeved shirt (sleeves pushed up after a mile or two).


mindy said...

I can already feel the heat coming off the course at Hyannis. Dude, you are smokin!

Jason P. said...

Nice times! I'm trying to drop my below 9mins! I have know complaints as my mile time last year for almost 16min. I love running and reading your blog!

Andrew said...

Great pace!