Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blackstrap Hell 2009 Preview

I missed last year's Blackstrap Hell race. I can't remember why exactly. But tomorrow I'll be there. Jeff puts it on. The race is informal but has an interesting concept, using a staggered start based on some crazy algorithm that Jeff came up with. It calculates your start time based on previous race times and is designed with the goal of having us all finish around the same time.

The course is around 10k of... well... hell. But most trail runners would actually call it heaven. Judge for yourself:

Race website

While this is a pretty informal event, I'd still like to test myself and run it pretty hard, given that my training has been going well lately. With that in mind, I'm taking a rest day today to help insure fresh legs. Looking forward to tomorrow!


Grellan said...

Looks like hell alright - but such fun. Enjoy!

middle.professor said...

Woohooo! 11 hours until Hell!