Friday, May 29, 2009

Dump Loop

First post-race run went well. Rain has finally stopped, at least for now, so I decided to go ahead and run the dump loop from my house. Muscles didn't feel sore and no real tightness anywhere, so that's good. The heart rate was a bit high, though that's to be expected. Happy where it was though, as I expected it to be around 5 bpm higher for the pace I ran.

Ran 5.6 miles @ 8:18/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 148/163
Paved and dirt roads.
Very hilly.
Mid 50s, overcast, humid.
Shorts, short sleeved shirt, cap.


Laurel said...

Good for you for taking a good recovery break after your race! Now your back at it and feeling good. A lot of people don't give themselves the recovery they need and their running doesn't return to baseline for a long long time after they race long. I know because I USED to be one of those people running the day after a 50 miler just to show myself I could. Now I'm older and wiser. I love the recovery breaks as much as the races!


Just read your race report!
impressive RACING!!!

Anonymous said...

dump loop. *insert immature laughter* that made me giggle seeing it in text, despite the fact that I also call it the dump loop.