Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Ossipee Hill Run

It's spring break, and the weather is gorgeous. Life is good. Ran a similiar route that I did a few weeks ago up to Little Ossipee Hill. Huge difference in the amount of snow. All that's left is a few patches here and there.

Swung a little off the normal route to the hill to try and find a geocache that we were unsuccessful at finding yesterday. Did a wider search circle but I couldn't find it. Oh well.

Ran on and on the way to the hill had to run (wade?) through a few watery sections. Didn't mind as it was warm out and the cool water felt great!

Reached the climb to the hill and made my way up the best I could. There are two sections in particular that are wicked steep and I just powerwalk those parts.

Reached the top and had my Forerunner point me towards the Ossipee Hill geocache. My pointer took me towards the other side of the mountain that had amazing views towards the southeast. Didn't know about this particular area before and was glad to find it (one of the many joys of geocaching). After a short scramble down the cliff I found the cache, signed the log and climbed back up to enjoy the views for a few more minutes before heading back down.

Like last time, I took a shortcut on the return route that was relatively uneventful. Nice to run in summer like weather without the bugs. Deer flies are spawned by Lucifer himself, not looking forward to those buggers returning so I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts.

Still can't get over how nice the weather has been the past week and a half. It's simply been perfect. Homemade chocolate ice cream is in the freezer, but not for long.

Ran 16.6 miles @ 9:47/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 140/162
Extremely hilly.
Upper 50s climbing to lower 70s, sunny.
Shorts, short sleeved shirt.


Anonymous said...

You're addicted to geocaching now! I can't wait to check out the one on Ossipee.

mindy said...

homemade chocolate ice cream!!!!