Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On the Rebound

Off the medication, and on with the training. Schizo weather today had me thinking twice about running outside this afternoon, so I opted for some cross training in the school's gym instead.

Hit the elliptical first, taking it easy the first 10 minutes at which point I realized I was free to kick it in a little harder for the remaining 20 minutes. Huge difference from how I felt on Monday. Huge. Muscles are free of that weird soreness and they were anxious to get to work.

After the ellipticals, hit the exercise bike for another 30 minute workout. Felt equally great.

Quads again got a very good workout with this kind of cross training, which is what I feel I need to strengthen the most. Very happy about that. Another nice thing is that while I don't like bringing the iPod with me while running, working out at the gym is a whole 'nother story. Modest Mouse and Nine Inch Nails were excellent company throughout.

The 50K race is on for Saturday. On like Vultron...

Elliptical for 30 minutes.
6.1 miles.
Random hill setting.
Level 10 out of 16

Exercise bike for 30 minutes.
9.8 miles.
Hill climb and descent setting.
Level 6 out of 16.


Bob Gentile said...

nice cross training effort...I usually run with my MP3 but yesterday about 10 mins into the battery went dead. It actually was pretty good to run without I think I am going to do that more often :-)

olga said...

Just make sure to listen to your body and if needed - lower the expectations:)

Mike said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. (why does it seem like I'm saying that to A LOT of people these days??)

Marc said...

Have a great race tomorrow!