Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Brakes Work

Ran 5.0 miles @ 7:45/mile pace.

Nice. I actually ran at a recovery pace and didn't go too fast for the first three miles. After that I lost concentration on mile four, but managed to slow it back down a little on mile five.

Mile 1: 8:11
Mile 2: 7:44
Mile 3: 8:00
Mile 4: 7:21
Mile 5: 7:31

Yeah, a bit all over the place, but oh well. I had originally planned to do the 7.1 mile Hills of Death route today but decided it'd be best to keep the distance and difficulty level down a little given my pace the past couple of runs.

Overall felt very good today. Soleus muscles are no longer sore. There is still some lingering soreness in the hamstrings, but that's to be expected and it's nothing drastic. Weather today was in the upper 40s with a brisk wind out of the northwest. Perfect weather for shorts and a long sleeve wicking shirt.


Andrew said...

I'm glad your pace is manageable. Myself, any pace greater than MP cannot qualify as recovery running, that is for sure. Perhaps it's the distance that's facilitating your recovery more so than the speed.

What is your training plan for Hyannis and what pace are you looking to run? That will dictate your daily training paces.

Jamie said...

I'm looking to run Hyannis at a 7:10/mile pace to give me some pad room to break 3:10:59 and BQ. I'll probably have some notes on my training plan this Saturday. Your and anyone else's comments on it will be welcome.