Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cool Morning, Easy Run

Ran 4.62 miles @ 7:44/mile pace.

Ah, fall. When I went running this morning temperatures had warmed up to the lower 40s, which is my favorite temperature range to run in. Leaves are also at their peak colors which only added to the fun.

Given yesterday's tempo run of sorts, today called for taking it easy. I did my first two miles at 7:55 and 7:53 respectively, which is around the marathon pace I plan on doing for a week from today and about what I had hoped for. Miles three and four were way too fast (7:30 and 7:37), as well as the last six-tenths (7:48 mile/pace). Slowing down has always been hard for me. Still, the run felt good and I'm looking forward to next weekend.

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