Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mud, Rain and Trails

Past two days off... well, kind of. Sunday was off but yesterday I did hike just under two miles to a remote pond to fish. But today, a real run on real trails in real mud. It was awesome. With the rain there were some puddles so big they could have held trout.

What was more important was I felt great. Given the mud and the pouring rain, the pace for this route was nice and it felt easy. If I can continue to feel like this for the rest of my short runs this week - but while holding back, mind you - I will be very confident when I toe the line in Hopkinton. 

And yes, I probably overuse this video for muddy runs, but I don't care because it's still one of the greatest songs of all time:

Ran 3.6 miles @ 8:49/pace. 
Trails, very muddy with large puddles and some patches of ice. 
Very hilly. 
Upper 50s, overcast, heavy to moderate rain. 
New Balance MT1010, short, short sleeved shirt, cap. 

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