Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 Boston Marathon in the Books

Welp, it's said and done. My 4th consecutive Boston was a good one. Finished in 3:19:39 which is a very mediocre time for me, but I'm not really all that disappointed. I'm very proud of how I battled very tight hamstrings and warmer than expected weather. And of course, the vibe was electric.

Lot's of great takeaways here, which I'll detail in a full report within a few days. Will take my usual post-road marathon week off from running and enjoy going to Fenway tonight for the Red Sox/Yankees game and chasing trout. 

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middleagedrunner said...

It was hot... I had a rough time with it after the cold weather in our neck of the woods. Still awesome to be there though and congrats on your finish!