Saturday, March 15, 2014

Just As Well

Due to poor road conditions from the storm the other day, the Chamberlain Half Marathon was cancelled. I thought that might happen.

In a way, it's actually a blessing of sorts... I woke up this morning feeling the wrath of the bug I had been fighting off. I think helping chaperone a large group of teenagers on an overnight trip for the SkillsUSA competitions wore me down a bit and allowed it to take over. At least two of my students won the bronze medal, making that nine years in a row my program has taken the podium. Very proud of that.

So, for running this sucks really bad though. I don't think getting out today is a good idea, and logic dictates to rest, but my mileage has already been low the past couple of weeks and this one will be no different. I don't like the dent it's putting in my training at all. Will just have to rest up and then attack what's left of the training cycle before Boston.

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