Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Chooin'

Celebrated the first day of spring with a snowshoe run in over a foot of unbroken snow. Hilly route to boot. My heart rate was totally jacked so despite the slow pace, it was really the equivalent of an 8-mile tempo run in terms of HR and time. A lot more fun as well.

Beautiful afternoon out as well, despite the wind. Sun was shining brightly and it's really climbing high in the sky. Glad I opted to snowshoe run instead of hitting the roads.

Snowshoed 4.1 miles @ 13:33/mile pace.
Trails, over a foot of unbroken snow.
Very hilly.
Mid 30s, partly sunny, windy.
Dion 121 Snowshoes, Nike Waffle Racer VIII, long tights, windbreaker, buff, gloves.

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