Sunday, March 07, 2010

Spring Trail Running in the Vibrams

Yet another really warm day today. Given how fast the snow is melting, I thought I'd try a trail run in the Vibram Five Fingers since there is now a lot of bare ground out there.

As expected, the lesser traveled trails and sections with ample sunlight were devoid of snow and ice, but trails that had seen greater snowmobile traffic still had some stretches. However, these were still quite runnable in the VFFs.

Still, the combination of the mud, snow and ice, navigating around some flooded sections along with my with my inexperience in technical trail running in the VFFs made for some pretty slow going. However, it was a lot of fun. Trail running in the VFFs is definitely a lot easier on the trails than the roads. My calves do not feel tight at all. Good sign.

Ran 8.2 miles @ 11:07/mile pace.
Technical trails with mud, snow, ice. Several flooded sections.
Very hilly.
Mid 40s to lower 50s, sunny.
VFF Sprints, shorts, short sleeved shirt, Moeben sleeves.


Kim said...

Jamie, so glad you posted this! I thought of you today as I just got a pair of Vibrams' myself and was dying to try them out, but afraid to do so on trails as the bottoms are rather flimsy. I then thought I remembered a post you had on trail running in them, so I know it's possible. I just have to get used to them at first and so far I love them! Sounds like you had a really nice run in them today.

vja said...

I can't imagine them on roads. Your run sounds fun! I'm going to try a little longer on the Back Cove today - should be warm enough for my toes!