Sunday, March 28, 2010

Notes on Progress

Healing of the sprained foot has been going slow, but I'm happy to say I'm seeing genuine improvement. Over the past week or so, I'd experience periods where the pain was minimal, but the sprain feeling would also come back. However, lately those good periods have been more frequent, staying around longer, and involving less discomfort.

Today has been the best day so far. I woke up feeling the usual discomfort, but by mid-morning a good period entered and has stuck around into the evening. As I type this, I'd say the foot feels 90%.

Based on the past two runs with the injury, running on this isn't smart until the pain is totally gone. That could be by this weekend, or not much past that at this rate. But I've been through these kinds of things enough to also know to not get my hopes up too high and accept whatever happens, and adjust.

I have an appointment with Dr. Jamie later this week. That should also help. He's awesome when it comes to soft tissue injuries.

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Trail Boy said...

Good luck with Dr. Jamie. Take care of that foot. And thanks for turning me onto the idea of chocolate milk at the finish of a tough race.