Sunday, March 14, 2010

Foot and Shoulder

What the heck?! I woke up this morning and both the foot and shoulder/neck felt like they were back to square one.

The foot is the biggest worry. I'm pretty sure it's just a pulled muscle in the foot, and if that's the case, probably not that big of a deal. But, it's been almost a week now. It felt fine during yesterday's run (and four days off from running) but this morning it hurt a bit. Pain is on the top of the foot, in the fleshy area between the first and second metatarsals, but NOT on the metatarsals themselves.

I'm self-diagnosing myself as having pulled or bruised the extensor muscle/tendons in the foot, since the pain is not on the bone and clearly in that fleshy part. If so, this is much better than a stress fracture (or so I would think).

I hit the indoor rock climbing gym with Lily today (crappy weather out) and the foot wasn't a bother at all then. In fact, it seemed to help the foot. My shoulder however, was an issue. I had pulled the muscle there last week and while it seemed to be healing nicely all week, I woke up this morning and apparently had slept on it wrong and reaggravated it. Pain extends up into the neck. It bothered me on some climbing routes more than others, depending on what was involved.

So, that's what's up. Been icing the foot and taking Vitamin I. Will try a run again tomorrow for information gathering purposes, and will take it easy.

I'll see a doc or my sports chiro guy if things are still troublesome after another week, but in the meantime, any advice and suggestions are welcome.


vja said...

hope your foot heels quickly. Lots of my foot issues are nerve related.
Eyes on the VFF's might cheer them up!

middle.professor said...


Bob (Downtown Runner) said...

I know how frustrating that can be. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon.

Keep up the great blogging!