Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leapfrogging at Pineland Farms

A bunch of us met at Pineland Farms this morning, including Ian, Kate, Jeff, Mindy, Tim, Lilly, Jim, Tom, and a couple of others folks I had met for the first time and forgot their names. I haven't been able to run much this past week (busy with work stuff, but I had really just planned things poorly for running), so I was looking forward to hopefully making good use out of my fresh legs.

With most of us donning extra clothing for the colder weather (Jim still started in shorts), we all set out for various distances and paces. Long story short, I got in the distance I wanted, but also went at a much faster pace than I had anticipated.

This was due in part to the fresh legs, but also due in large part to Lilly. She's a fast downhill runner, and I'm not. So on the downhill stretches she would blow past me. But being that the hills are rolling at Pineland, there would soon be an uphill, and I would catch her and pass her on the climbs. Repeat... over and over again. Then take it up a notch every few hills.

As a result, our game of leapfrog had me going at a faster pace than I had anticipated. It was a great workout. Granted, an easier pace might have been more prudent at this stage, but it was fun and I held up just fine. It was tough though, but in a good way. My own little personal guideline is that anytime the pace is less than 9:00/mile at Pineland, especially when you're doing more than 10 miles, you're flying pretty darn good considering the relentlessly rolling hills. Pleased with the HR data as well.

Afterwards, we saw Kate had just finished her run and the three of us headed over to the visitor's center, got some very refreshing hot apple cider and ultra-awesome homemade cinnamon buns, sat on a big comfy couch, and chit-chatted while gazing at Mt. Washington in the distance. Great way to end a run!

Ran 14.4 miles @ 8:58/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 152/173
Very hilly.
Lower-mid 20s warming to lower 40s, sunny.
Brooks Cascadia 3s, long pants (shed for shorts), windbreaker (shed for long sleeved shirt), beanie (also shed).


Blaine Moore said...

Erin and I met up with Christine and Sara in Portland for the Wine Flight 5k (we saw Stephen and Kelly but they were just there.)

I'm planning on heading to Pineland tomorrow morning; Erin is going to wait and see if it's raining before deciding or not. She got her long run in last night.

middle.professor said...

Are you sore from pulling the rest of us?

Jamie said...

I'm just happy to be running up with you front guys again! However, I think it was obvious I was working harder.