Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Stress Fracture, Just Bad PF

I'm not sure whether the news from the sports doctor was good or bad: I don't have a stress fracture, just a bad case of plantar fasciitis. If it were a light stress fracture, chances were I would have been out 6-8 weeks and then done with it. Now, I have to resume a battle with PF that previously wasn't going anywhere.

However, I did get a shot of cortisone injected into the inflamed ligament. The doc says this has about a 50/50 chance of working, which is consistent with what I've been hearing from others. It flat out cured my brother's PF a few years ago, so hopefully if it's in the genetic code, I might follow suit.

Worth noting that the doctor said he could feel the inflamed region of the plantar fascia right near the heel, and he suspects that I tore it at some point, which explains why the pain I had been feeling about a month and a half ago was a bit different than before (hence why I thought I might have had a stress fracture).

So, what's next is that I can run, but have to take it easy with nothing long or intense for the next two weeks while the cortisone runs its course. After that, I can begin to ramp up if I see fit. I can come back for another shot six weeks later if I feel this one has helped some, but I need another to help put it away.

Just for fun, I constructed a poll off to the right. Chime in, why don't you?


Pathfinder said...

Sounds great Jamie....nothing better than hearing "you can run" even if you block out the "as long as you take it slow and easy"

Love2Run said...

Good news but remember the but!

mindy said...

Good luck Jamie. I've fallen off the earth lately, but am managing to climb back on. I'm glad it's not a stress fracture, but hope the PF will settle down. I sure know what it's like to be on the DL, so I hope you're hanging in there, you always have a great attitude!

Laurel said...

Back when I was training more intensely I had several episodes of PF over the years. I found that if the cortisone injection hurt like hell when the doc gave it and I felt immediate relief, it would pretty much cure me right then and there. If not it would take another shot or two, but it always seemed to do the trick eventually. I think it was a matter of my doctor getting it directly in the inflamed spot, which can actually be a fairly small area.

Mark said...

Best of luck with the cortisone, I've always stuck with alternatives vice opting for a shot.

Damon said...


I hope the cortisone does the trick. I want you back out there training so we can do some WS training runs together in the spring.

Marc said...

Looks like folks are hedging their bets on your poll.

More of a dull silver lining in that dark cloud.

However, it will shine right up after another shot of cortisone.

Happy New Year!

Thomas said...

I'd rather have PF than a stress fracture - hang on, I DO have PF!

Good luck with the shot, and don't sweat it, you'll be fine for WS.