Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Storm of 2008

Perhaps opting to take a few weeks off from running was good timing, as a pretty nasty ice storm hit southern Maine and knocked out power for 220,000 residents and businesses at its peak. Power is expected to be restored for everyone by tomorrow (or that's the goal, they say). Mine was back on last night, after four days of it being knocked out. Below are some pictures taken by my friend, Neighbor John.

Big thanks to Stephen and Neighbor Kate for the great company and help during the madness!


Love2Run said...

What a mess but great photos! Glad you got your power back.

Marc said...

Pretty nasty stuff.

Sorry to hear you are on the DL. Hope you are able to get back to it soon. Otherwise we may have to send in the cyber squad to rescue you from Runescape.