Friday, August 08, 2008

Three Hawks

A storm had just passed through this morning so I hurried out the door to get in a trail run out back. I mused that with the rainfall and cooler temperatures, the deer flies wouldn't be too bad. Fortunately, I was correct. They were out in small numbers for the last couple of miles, but they were slow moving and easy to kill (feeling that crunchy squish always brings great satisfaction).

I saw three different hawks within the first three miles of the run. In order, a red-shouldered hawk, a red-tailed hawk and a broad-winged hawk. I'm probably only about 80% certain of each identification, but each one was clearly different.

Run itself felt great. I have some knots in my hamstrings, but no big deal. Pace was slow and I kept it easy on purpose. This was also greatly aided by the many puddles and stream crossings, several of each were at least knee deep. Good run. Heart rate still a little on the high side given the technicality of the trails and amount of physical effort, but not too bad. The two days rest did me some good. Glad I did it.

Ran 6.3 miles @ 9:14/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 144/167
Trails, fire roads.
Very hilly.
Lower 60s, overcast.
Shorts, sleeveless shirt, cap.


sn0m8n said...

I have to admit that crunchy squish is extremely satisfying.

Love2Run said...

Knee deep water, now that's an off road run! Cool seeing those different hawks.

Sparkplug said...

Great hawk spotting :-)

See you tomorrow at Bradbury!

mindy said...

Awesome hawk sighting - and crunchy squishing. See you tomorrow!

Speed Racer said...

"feeling that crunchy squish always brings great satisfaction". EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!

When I read your posts, I think, 'Wow, he's such a better runner than me that hills don't bother him, he can run lightning fast speeds without breaking a sweat, and he just must not feel fatigue like sucky runners like me do.' But several knee-deep puddles and streams in only a 6.5 mile loop?! And you think that's FUN?! I'm beginning to think that maybe it's your attitude that makes you such a great runner. I kowtow to you, sir. There is much I can learn from you.