Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bradbury 10

Our group set out to run the Bradbury Mountain Breaker course today, but it ended up being more of an artistic interpretation of the route. We had a fun group, consisting of James, Jeff, Lilly, Erik and Dom.

Pace was pretty darn fast, considering the technicality of these trails, and added to that were mud and slippery tree roots. Still, it felt great to put the pedal down on the gas. Felt strong overall, especially on the uphills. I did feel my muscles becoming a bit more fatigued than normal about six or seven miles in as a result of the race two weeks ago, so a good reminder that I still need to chill a bit here during my recovery phase. At the same time, it's good knowing it's coming along great overall and I can continue to slowly ramp the mileage and speed back up.

Worth noting the deer flies weren't too bad today. Lilly, Jeff and I ran an extra two miles to get our mileage in double digits, and that was the only time they were somewhat of a nuisance.

Ran 10.3 miles @ 9:04/mile pace.
Extremely hilly.
Mid 60s, overcast and foggy, very humid.


mindy said...

Nice run Jamie - wish I was there! Way to be patient with the recovery. What's next on the race schedule?

Anonymous said...

Sound's like things are going well for your recovery. Perhaps the key is 2 naps a day :)

Marc said...

'artistic interpretation' - I am imagining you guys out there doing some modern interpretive dance as you run through the woods.

Yeah, you might want to tone it down a bit on your recovery. But your inner mountain goat is rearing its horns.

Good run.

Runner NYC said...

You do love your hills! I am going to work hard to be as happy about hills as you are!

Alpal said...

Glad to see you have fully recovered and enjoying the summer
I have been able to get out regulary on weekends but work keeps me busy during the week ( and socializing)
Busy most weekends till labor day- but hope we can get out for a Mahousuc traverse- if it ever dries up in the woods!