Friday, August 22, 2008

Short Bike Ride

Just a very short ride today to keep the legs remembering. It was a little bit hard to get out the door today because my sleep was interrupted last night by a great horned owl hooting. That's a good thing though, I was pretty excited and stayed up for about an hour listening to it. If I hear it again tonight, I'll go outside and see if I can't get a look.

I also plan on doing a trail run tomorrow at Bradbury Mountain with the Trail Monster gang. Plan is to get in five miles and evaluate from there, but I will not exceed 10 miles even if I feel great.

Biked 10.5 miles @ 16.8mph/avg (22.9 mph/max)
Paved roads.
Moderately hilly.
~80 degrees, sunny.
Bike shorts, short sleeved shirt.


Blaine Moore said...

No "O" trail? Heheh.

Too bad I'm busy the next few weeks; I'd like to be running out at Bradbury.

Phil said...

Nothing like a little cross training.

Love2Run said...

You've been busy and working hard. Hope you can keep to your promise of holding back on the group run. Ready for the build to MDI yet?