Monday, August 25, 2008

Death to Deer Flies

Prior to this morning's run, I was very curious how bad the deer flies would be. Last Saturday at Bradbury was a treat, as I didn't notice any at all. However, they were still out in the woods behind my house today. But, they were out only in certain areas, and they were slow moving and not biting. Many crunchy squishes were had as I killed quite a few of them.

Part two of my deer fly experiment will probably have to wait until next year. Their season is winding down. In just a few weeks, they should be gone altogether. Can I get an amen?

Run itself felt went well. I kept the pace very slow and felt pretty good overall. Nothing much else to report on that front.

Ran 5.5 miles @ 9:48/mile pace.
Trails, fire roads.
Very hilly.
Mid 60s, muggy.
Shorts, short sleeved shirt.

Would like to give props to two new (or at least new to me) running blogs I've been following. The first is my uncle, John. Great writing and he paints a good picture of life in Rochester, NY. He appears to be on the DL for a little bit from a raquetball injury though.

The second is Kevin, who joined us for a run last Saturday. His blog has been up for a while and just from reading a few of his entries, it's clear he's got a great style. He's aiming for his first ultra next spring. I think he'll do just fine.

And, just for laughs.... this is wrong on so many levels:


Tammy said...

Hi Jamie,

I am glad someone enjoys killing biting insects as much as I do. Here in Maryland the mosquitos are insane but I think they have less than one month left to torment me, my husband, the dog....

Happy Running!

Trail Monster Running said...

Dude, the one with English subtitles is even funnier. And wronger too: