Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not Much Longer

Had a follow-up appointment with the sports medicine folks today. Knee is healing up quick and I'll be able to run again on Wednesday, if not sooner. The physician's assistant said, with hesitation after I pressed her, that I could give it a try on Monday, but would have to go slow and immediately stop at the slightest bit of pain or discomfort. I don't want to risk anything though, and while it'll be hard, I'll probably just wait until Wednesday. Maybe on Monday if the weather is okay I'll take the bike out, which the P.A. said was a good idea since it's less impact.

With that, I'm definitely running the Sugarloaf Marathon on May 20th. More as a training run and I'll be taking it very slow and easy. My dad will likely be coming up to run it with me, which will be fun.

On another note, is off to a really great start! If you haven't checked it out yet, please do so. Feel free to register and chime in. I'm optimistic it will continue to grow and become a friendly and easy to use forum for ultramarathoners to network with one another.

Happy running everyone. Looking forward to posting about training runs instead of injuries very soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jamie. Excellent news. I will see you at the Loaf for the big down hill marathon.

And thank you for bringing the Ultra Page to life. It truly is off to a good start.


Runner NYC said...

That's great, Jamie! Ease yourself back into it and enjoy Sugarloaf!

fretless said...

you. are. amazing. good luck at the loaf. me, i'll be plugging along at some 5k or another...with thoughts of people like you as inspiration.

olga said...

Glad to hear recovery goes well. Marathon in 3 weeks!

Love2Run said...

Patience now. The doctor said a few miles, what does he think about a marathon? Good luck. Sugarloaf is on my to do list as well someday.