Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Surgery Success and a New Ultra Forum

I had the surgery to repair the torn meniscus this morning and everything went great! The surgery was at the Orthopedic Associates of Portland and the staff there were very professional and down to earth. I came in with my friend Kate, and they prepped me in the back room which included shaving the hair around my knee and putting in the IV. Once I was ready to go, I was then wheeled into the surgery room where the anethesiolgist and I talked about running while I breathed in air from an oxygen mask as the drugs to put me under were pumped into my IV. He told me I'd feel a burning sensation around the IV, and the last thing I remember was commenting that I could feel it and then I must have went under immediately after that.

The next thing I knew I was waking up about an hour and fifteen minutes later and seeing a nurse at the bed. I said hello and asked what time it was. Apparently I asked her what time it was four or five times, and also asked her if this was what smoking crack felt like. I also allegedly commented a little too loudly that a young woman who was also in the recovery room with her mother was cute. I guess I was feeling pretty good.

After I came to a little more, Dr. Brown came in and gave me details. They shaved down the meniscus, as it was indeed pretty torn. It was showing up funny on the MRI because it was also folded inward! No wonder it was bothering me. I got some cool pictures of it, and will post them once they're scanned in.

I'll be on crutches until Saturday and also have to wear a water cast until then. I'm in no pain whatsoever, other than the headache I have from not having my morning coffee (I'm playing catch-up now). Follow-up appointment is in one week, and I could very well be running in just two weeks. I asked the doctor if running the Sugarloaf Marathon on May 20th would be okay, and he said as long as there wasn't much swelling in the next few weeks, that would be fine. I obviously won't be running it fast, but just will do so more as a training run for the Vermont 100.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes along the way. Also, if you're into ultramarathoning, I've started a new forum at . It's brand spanking new, and hopefully if all goes well it'll take off. So, check it out and feel free to register!


Phil said...

Great news on the surgery! You should be real speedy without all that excess leg hair.

Best of luck with the rehab. Keep us posted. You're giving runners everywhere confidence to fix these types of problems instead giving up and not running any more.


Mark Bell said...

Good to hear the procedure went well and quite suprised about being allowed to run a marathon so soon. Especially, Sugarloaf as the course is so downhill and would pressure the knees. Hope it's the right thing to do.

jamie said...

Mark, don't forget that Joan Benoit-Samuelson won the 1984 marathon Olympic time trials just 17 days after the same surgery! Recovery time is very quick for this type of thing, and I'll also be going slow. :-)

Olga said...

Oh, jeez, you already had a surgery while I was away! Glad it went well, and glad they found a cause - I mean not that it's good there was a cause, but that there was really something and not your fathom pains and they opened you up for a reason and fixed it! OK, long blurb, but I am checking out your forum right now (it'll take awahile to do from work) - and like the idea. You might want to post it to the list. Alas, people are hard to get swayed from what they are used to. It is easy on email - it comes, and you have to read it (or not). For forums, you have to remember to go and check it out, and never sure what topic you may want to open (what if a good discussion is going under the name that is not so hot?)
But I am reading it now and will send more people. Let see what develops. thanks! And have a speedy recovery!!!

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Great news! Good to hear it went well and you'll be back to pounding the pavement (trails?) in no time.

We should coordinate meeting at Sugarloaf. While I will not be running, I will be in town. If you need a staging place or support, just let me know.

Glad to have you back in the game.

Rose said...

We all know you just wanted an excuse to stay out of the miserable Main weather for a few weeks. But nevertheless, I'm glad the surgery went well, and best of luck on your recovery!

Runner NYC said...

Great news, Jamie! Do whatever it takes to keep the swelling down! So glad you're on the mend!!