Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Future Reflections

The decision to take this week off from running, though wise, is still driving me a bit nuts. I'm anxious to run again, and the challenge will be sticking to my plan of 15-20 mile weeks through December to give the body some rest to reduce the chance of injuries.

Then it'll be time to ramp up the training for Boston while squeezing in a good amount of Nordic skiing. That'll be fun, and I've also been trying to map out my race schedule for 2011. As of now, I'm thinking of the following for marathons and ultras:

4/18 - Boston Marathon
5/29 - Pineland Farms 25K or 50K
10/16 - Mt. Desert Island Marathon

I would love to do the 50K (or 50 miler for that matter) for Pineland, but the 25k option might make more sense. I'm weary about doing too much.

Also, I'd like to do several shorter distance races like I did last summer when preparing for MDI, such as the Bradbury Mt. Trail Running series. I really, really enjoyed that training cycle which allowed me to incorporate that series and a few other races into my regiment. I just had a blast with all of that last summer and it worked out really well, so why not do something similar again?

But looking closer to the present, the winter training cycle will be a bit more of a challenge. The tracks will be covered in snow, so I'll have to be a bit more creative. Also, I really fell in love with skate skiing last winter, and would like to continue to do that and even enter a few more Nordic races, but I also want to train for Boston pretty seriously. Boston training gets priority for sure, but still not sure exactly how I'll balance those two just yet, but at least they are complimentary to one another.

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sn0m8n said...

Needs more snowshoe races.