Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exploration and Wear Patterns

Was able to run here from the school in between two meetings this afternoon, which was nice. Decided to explore a new route, just for the sake of something new. Route was okay, but might be a bit problematic once the snow starts accumulating, given the narrow roads. But still might do this one from time to time when conditions allow. Nice hills on this route also.

Heart rate monitor was acting erratic again the first mile and change but then settled down and worked perfectly. Going to experiment with wetting the strap down more on both sides to cut down on static. Have read that the Polaris soft strap works much better and is compatible with the snap-button detachable main unit of the Garmin Premium strap, so if I continue to get aggravated I may go that route. Too bad Garmin hasn't gotten that right yet, especially given the prices they charge for their "Premium" strap. :-/ The Garmin 410 itself continues to perform very well though and I'm very happy with it.

Worth noting that now that I'm getting close to 100 miles running with the Brooks Mach 11 shoes, I've noticed a wear pattern on the bottoms that is pleasing to see. Right on the center forefoot, and no wear whatsoever on the heels. Pretty impossible to heel strike in these shoes, at least not without great discomofort.

Ran 6.8 miles @ 7:42/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 149/167
Paved roads.
Very hilly.
Lower-mid 40s, overcast.
Brooks Mach 11, shorts, windbreaker, short sleeved shirt, cap.


Chris said...

To avoid erratic HR monitoring instead of water I apply some lotion to the HR monitor contacts. I use a lotion that is nearly 100% aloe, basically something for a sunburn. It is odorless, easy to wash off and works great to get good HR monitoring results. Otherwise it doesn't usually work for me, especially in the winter when there is less sweat.

Jamie said...

That sounds like a great suggestion, Chris. Thanks a bunch, I'll give that a shot.