Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Where Does This Trail Go?

Another mission of exploration today. I ended up with a nice 10 mile loop. While this run was slightly longer than that, if I take out the one turn that dead-ended, it'll knock off about 1/2 a mile.

Really enjoyed exploring new territory. I'd say about half of this loop was on trails and the other half on well groomed fire roads. Because of this, the pace was relatively fast.

Here are some pics:

Most of the run was through the northern section of the Massabesic Experimental Forest, which is right behind where I live.

Selective logging was done in a couple of sections, as evidenced by the lack of thick under-brush and orange rings painted around every tree that still stood. Good habitat for deer and moose, though I saw neither. Just a big turkey.

Deep in the woods, I came across this old car. I don't think it runs anymore. It was quite bizarre seeing it out there, as I was running on an ATV trail at this point that wouldn't have been wide enough for a car these days.

Eventually the trail came out on a very bumpy dirt road along a lake that I recognized, and this road led back to the trail I normally take when I run back in these woods. Along said bumpy dirt road, I came across this little guy, a painted turtle:

I soon reached the other lake, and as tradition dictates, I stopped and walked out on the fallen tree and admired the view for a few minutes. This is done on every run, unless the bugs are really bad.

Good day.

Ran 10.6 miles @ 8:49/pace.
AHR/MHR - 150/168
Trails, fire roads.
Very hilly.
Mid 70s, sunny.
Shorts, short sleeved shirt.


Sparkplug said...

Always cool to find a new running loop!

middle.professor said...

Great stuff. Beautiful lake. I saw a painted turtle on my bike ride yesterday. But it looked a bit like Chuck & Katie's raw pizza and, like that car, I don't think it will run again.

pathfinder said...

great pictures....I love running on new trails and just following until you find out where they lead.....always makes for some nice new views.

Damon said...


You really seem to be in a groove right now - enjoying your fitness, being smart about your training, and taking some low-pressure runs to just explore.

I'm trying to do something similar in the mountains at this point, because the mountains are where I want to be.

Laurel said...

I ran there today after (OK, during) work. Nice place to run!

Paige said...

So pretty :) Great pictures, Jamie!