Monday, December 22, 2008

Appointment Made!

Second time is a charm? I was able to dig a little deeper with the phone call to my primary care doctor's office this time around, and got the referral I needed to see a sports doctor! Great news. And the appointment is for the day after I get back from Florida (heading down there for Christmas), so that worked out fantastic.

I'm going to Orthopedic Associates of Portland, the same folks who repaired my torn meniscus close to two years ago. They did great with that, so no reason to try a new place and I'll let my overinflated health insurance money go to them.


Sparkplug said...

Glad you were able to get an appointment. A step in the right direction!
Have a good Christmas down in sunny Florida :-)

Love2Run said...

Good stuff with getting your doctor ducks all lined up. Have a great holiday down there where it's warm and sunny!

Grellan said...

My brother is off to Florida for Christmas as well Florida! - I'm jealous.

Glad to hear that treatment is in sight.

Thomas said...

Good luck with the appointment. Let's hope the result will be good.

Marc said...

The calcaneus issue is tough to deal with...hope it is not a fracture but 'only' inflamed (they call this pump bump).

Oh, and I don't think they allow you to fly with such a condition, so maybe I should take that ticket to Florida?

Swimming for ME said...

OA is a great practice. I saw them years ago and know others who have been in more recently for a myriad of issues -- they do amazing work. I hope it all works out for you. Enjoy the sun!

Mark said...

Hope your enjoying your holiday time in Florida! Sure wish we were there. We may be at Hyannis again next year.

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Jamie,

I have been so sorry to hear you've been having foot problems recently. I hope your appointment with your former orthopedist goes well and the prognosis is good.

Injuries are tough and sadly recovery takes so much time which can't be rushed :-(

Happy New Year,