Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions?! Vee Don't Need No Steenking Resolutions!

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines resolution as follows:

1 : the act or process of resolving: as a : the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler onesb : the act of answering : solving c : the act of determining

Let's face it. In the context of New Year's resolutions it's really defined as people making well intended goals that they often don't follow through on. Many times these involve drastic lifestyle changes with exercise and diet that are undertaken without a proper plan put into place and, as a result, most people often end up failing and are left feeling disappointed. It's a silly process, and all brought about by a calendar changing a few numbers. As a result,a healthier lifestyle often has a sense of failure attached to it for many folks and they give up, which is unfortunate.

I applaud the effort though, but just never got the point of waiting for a calendar to flip over to try something new and then rush into it. Enough ranting though. And with all that being said, it is hard not to look at the calendar year ahead and plan things out with running, and hope that things pan out the way you want them to.

These aren't really resolutions. These are goals related to something I'm already doing and I've had them for quite some time. Here are a few of mine for 2010, most of which are related to my race schedule:

January through March - Now that we have a good blanket of snow on the ground (it's coming down good as I type this), I plan to incorporate a lot more cross country skate skiing into my regiment, along with the running. I'm hoping this will bode well when I transition back to pretty much running exclusively (with some core work thrown in). I also hope to do a few XC skate ski races, even though I suck really bad.

March - April - Ramp up the running mileage and intensity as the snow melts, incorporate a lot of barefoot and VFF running as the weather becomes more conducive to do so.

May - Pineland Farms 50 Miler. I hope to do it wearing the Vibram's.

June - Pemi Loop mountain run, for fun and training. No real goal attached. Other training targeted for the Vermont 100.

July - Vermont 100, with the goal of breaking 22 hours (PR is 22:09).

August - recover properly from Vermont 100 and play things by ear.

September - Most likely the Vermont 50, though I haven't ruled out the Iroquois 100 if I'm feeling good. All contingent on Vermont 100 recovery.

October - Mt. Desert Island Marathon. Was bummed I couldn't run it last year after coming off the stress fracture, so it'll be great to run it again (for the fifth time). If I do the Vermont 50, I can't realistically expect a stellar time (races are three weeks apart).

November and December - keep the mileage low to recover and give the body a break until the snow starts flying and then pick up the intensity again with XC skate skiing.

So that's it. All subject and likely to change. It's a lot, but if I play things smarter I should be able to avoid major injuries and be fine. Bring it on and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Devon said...

I completely agree! I don't make resolutions because no matter the time of year I have goals and plans and things that I am working on. Why take an arbitrary day like the new year to start a goal that has real intention of getting done? That seems silly to me. I start my pursuit of my goals the moment they are realized. Good post Jamie and happy new year! Looking forward to seeing how your year and goals unfold.

Grellan said...

Happy new year Jamie. Some nice races in 2010. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with the vibrams.

Laurel said...

Keep it loose. Let it fall into place. It's one thing if you are racing for wins, comletely differnt if you are racing for fun.

Thomas said...

A year is a long time to plan forward for. May it all work out for the best!
Happy New Year!

Miriam said...

I'm currently planning on running the 25k at Pineland and I know Adam will definitely be gunning for the 50 miler. If you see us there be sure to say hi.

Good luck and good health on all your goals in the next year.