Thursday, March 08, 2007

Research and Waiting

This is approaching the longest I've gone without running since recovering from the Vermont 50 (took 6 days afterwards). I'm going batty. Part of that is because with the extra time on my hands, I've been doing research on ACL injuries. I'll be reading medical websites, blogs, forums, you name it and think I've definitely torn my ACL, then read something else a short time later and think no way.

While the primary care doctor did say I could run on it, I'm not comfortable doing so. I'd rather wait to hear what the sports doctor says and get a solid diagnosis before I push on.

A few notes on my thinking:
1. Most who tear an ACL report hearing a pop followed by a period of swelling in the knee. I never heard a pop, but felt something that could have been a pop, but maybe not. However, I never had any swelling whatsoever.
2. The pain started about a month ago. There were good days and bad days with it, with the former not feeling it at all and with the latter with occasional tinges of pain along with a constant discomfort.
3. The outside of my left knee is where the pain is, which has been the main area of my concern from the get go. Something is likely damaged there. Seems different than an ACL issue.
4. The knee does feel unstable, even when walking. Perhaps some of that is exaggerated though by fearing the worst.

That's about all I have to go on for now. I've read quite a few accounts with others on an initial misdiagnosis until after the MRI. I'm hoping that's the case with me. Seems like that'll be the tell-tale of it all.

Strictly for fun, if anyone would like to post their predictions on what this ailment is, feel free.


Runner NYC said...

Well, I hope it's not a torn ACL, that's for sure! How does it generally feel when you run? I stopped running for 3 days to give my sprained knee a rest and it hurt worse when I started again. PT always hurts more if I haven't run on it that morning. I think the increased blood flow helps the injury. You should definitely do whatever your sports doctor says, but keep the joint mobile, if possible.

Rose said...

Hey Jamie,
Congrats to your friend Devon! I didn't get a chance to check out the Napa Valley Marathon this year, but I've been thinking of tackling it next spring (tell her not to worry though - I won't give her a run for her money!)

Keeping my fingers crossed for your knee . . .

Phil said...

I haven't clue what ails you, but it will no doubt heal and you'll be back up and running. I was down for 2 weeks when I pulled my calf in February and I thought I'd go batty ... but that's a distant memory now, even though it was only last week that I ran more than 30 miles since the first week of Feb.

Love2Run said...

Jamie, my prediction is IT band syndrome, especially because you mention the outside of your knee. See this link:

Jamie said...

Thanks all. Mike, I certainly hope it's just ITBS. Thanks for the article link.

Anonymous said...

You are doing the right thing by holding back on the running. I agree that despite what your doctor said, you would run the risk of sustaining a far worse injury.

Also, I strained a tendon on the inside of my left knee doing helicopters on skis (bad land). No audible pop, but did feel something which I thought should have made a popping sound. No swelling, but it did hurt like hell and was bruised around my knee cap. I took to biking for a couple of months, which did not bother my knee and was ready to rock and roll after that.

Good luck....we will be rooting for you.