Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Bike Comes Out of Hibernation

Biked 31.5 miles @ 15.8 mph average speed
Total time - 1:59:41
AHR - 140
Paved roads.
Very hilly.
Upper 40s, sunny.

Took the road bike out for the first time this season. Aside from my butt hurting because my seat is about as soft as granite, it was a great ride.

The good news is that my knee felt absolutely fine the entire ride. There was no pain, no discomfort, not even a hint of aggravation. It's nice to know I have biking to keep my cardio in check for a while.

This was also my first time biking with a HR monitor. I was curious to how it'd compare to running. I knew it'd likely be lower, but wasn't sure by how much. Basically it looks like at the pace I was going, overall it's about the same as a really slow LSD pace. Kind of makes me want to drop the hammer a little bit more next time I go out.

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