Monday, September 26, 2016

Moose and The Weekend Warrior Blues

I'm very thankful to have gotten out for a couple of runs this weekend, especially after failing to get out during the week. The first one was on Saturday morning after a big breakfast at the local general store with Halfbomb and Kate. Halfbomb had just run the 100-Mile Wilderness the weekend before in an impressive 42 hours and change, so something light, slow, and not terribly hilly was on the agenda.

We decided to visit a local land trust that goes along the Union River. What it lacks in a lengthy network of trails it makes up for with beautiful scenery. It was perfect for what we had in mind.

We got a somewhat unexpected surprise when we came across a moose! Pretty big sucker, but I didn't get a good enough look at its head to tell if it was a bull or a cow. Think ghost in the mist, but more of a shadow through the brush. It didn't want to have anything to do with us so, despite its size, it quickly made an exit, though shortly thereafter we saw its tracks rejoin the trail after it had cut through the woods.

Unfortunately, no pics. Halfbomb always has his camera/phone with him, but his battery died just before we ran. Go figure.


Sunday. Halfbomb had left the day before. I woke up and was eager to hit the woods out back, especially with the cool autumn temps. I decided to wear my running vest, mostly so I could carry my phone to take some pictures. Even if I didn't spot any cool wildlife, I knew the scenery would be impressive with the fall colors starting to emerge.

No physical moose sightings, though I did come across the fresh tracks from one. Quite a few deer tracks also. Their rut will begin soon, so I imagine they're starting to get antsy.


Will just play the running by ear for now. My day is just too long at the moment with cross country season and, well, calling a spade a spade I just don't have the motivation to get out in the early morning. Plus, I can't find my headlamp! We still have a few unpacked boxes, so perhaps it's in one of those. I need to find it soon, not just for running, but for occasional forays for things that need to be done outside at night around our homestead.

If nothing else, cross country season ends in a month. I would still have time to get into decent running shape for snowshoe racing season.

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