Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Fine Saturday

After a super busy weekend last week, which involved getting up at 4am for out of town cross country meets and volunteering at the Bradbury Bruiser, it was nice to stay fairly local.

I still had to get up a little early to meet up with the cross country team for practice at the Bangor City Forest. Ended up running somewhere between four and a half to five miles with them at an easy pace. I regretted forgetting my GPS, as I'd like to start monitoring my mileage and pace more closely.

Afterwards, I ran some errands, including a futile attempt to drop off recycling. The bin is normally at our post office, but it wasn't there today. I assume it was taken away to be emptied. Nearby are several blueberry fields, which are pretty striking this time of year, so I stopped and took a few pics:

Kate and I then raked up fallen apples in our yard while harvesting a few to be used in pies. We followed that up with a hike up Bald Bluff. Nothing too grand, as the route we did was just a few miles long. We took our time on the trails, enjoying the scenery and each other's company. Fall colors are in the very early stages, but I imagine this place will look even more amazing in a few weeks when the leaves approach their peak.

A rainy day is expected tomorrow. My plan is to hit some more trails before the football games start. I imagine it'll be quite muddy out, ergo I'm grateful for our house's mudroom.

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