Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Maintenance Miles

Welp, I've decided against running the Big Brad Ultra. I'll volunteer there instead. Just too much on my plate with the start of a new school year, coaching cross country and also taking the final class I need for English teacher certification. We also just got done moving into our other property after selling the other we were living in. And this spring this one will go up for sale in a hopefully still improving real estate market, and then we'll move again next summer into our "forever home".

So yeah, a lot going on. And though it's been hectic, it's all been good stuff and for that I am VERY thankful. I'll fit in my own running in the gaps as they present themselves, but look forward to mostly concentrating on helping others via coaching and volunteering at races. A lot of joy and satisfaction in that.

Perhaps I can piece together enough to be in decent race shape for snowshoe season. The timing works out nice, as the races fit into a window where things should be relatively calm. Let's hope for a snowy winter.

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