Saturday, October 17, 2015

Not Quite Flatlined

"That doesn't feel right", I told Kate, with my hand laying on my chest. My heart had been beating out of whack the past few days. As I lay in bed that evening, it was doing it more often, every few minutes. I fought my wife's insistence of going to the emergency room, but when I called the next day to make a doctor's appointment, they told me to head to the ER.

Reluctantly, I told Kate what the doctor's office said and we were off. Of course, my heart didn't do it during my two to three hour stay. I set off the alerts a few dozen times because of a low heart rate instead. I joked with the doc that the issue in question was like when your car makes a funny noise on occasions, but not for the mechanic. Sure, it did it before and would do it again often the next day, just not when I was there.

To further the car analogy, what my heart felt like was a car's pistons firing out of sequence because the cables were crossed. Atrial fibrillation comes to mind. I do have a history of sinus arrhythmia, which is a fancy phrase for an irregular heartbeat. No big deal. From many moons ago, I also know from practicing echocardiograms with my classmates when I was becoming a certified cardiopulmonary technician that I have two heart murmurs, both in the less crucial right side of my heart. Also usually not that big of a deal.

But all of that adds up to a few more heart tests: an echocardiogram and also being fitted with a holter monitor later next week. The ER doctor expects that it's nothing, and so do I. But, one has to be sure.

Since the ER visit, everything has been feeling pretty normal, aside from a few sessions of heart hiccups but not as often or as regular. But no running until the tests are over. In the meantime, I'll chomp at the bit and seek revenge this snowshoe racing season. I'm glad I have fly fishing so I don't go too crazy, at least that has been pretty awesome lately.


Sparkplug said...

Yikes, Jamie! That is scary, although hopefully it is just something with your irregular heartbeat. Glad you decided to get to the doctor. Better safe than sorry!

Thomas said...

I had something very similar last December, and like yourself ended up at the cardiologist, doing an echocardiogram and wore a holter monitor - I also did a treadmill stress test.

The doctor gave me a glowing endorsement and saw no reason whatsoever why I should not continue running (he attributed my problems to a viral infection). I hope for the same outcome for you!

Jamie Anderson said...

Good to hear, Thomas and thanks! I suspect I'll be running in your footsteps.

unstrung said...

I am reading a book on cardiology at the moment and so far the impression that I get is that every heart has its own version of normal. Hopefully yours is just being its own normal and is totally kidding with the shenanigans. Take care!! Keep us posted!