Thursday, August 13, 2015

Post 100 Mile Limbo

The Vermont 100 continues to grow smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror, leaving rested muscles now turning rusty due to a summer full of twists and turns. I've been trying to get my legs up to at least maintenance mileage, but not without setbacks due to the selling of one of our properties.

The mental toll of various bumps and potholes has been more than I'd like, all pretty normal these days or so I'm told. But... at least the closing is finally tomorrow. My wife and I can then exhale until next summer when we begin the final phase of relocating.

I'm on the fence for signing up for the Big Brad Ultra in the middle of October. It'll all depend on how much I can get the plane off the ground in the next month. It'd be fun to run, but I'm seriously fine either way.

However, if I don't, I'd still like to get in some sort of regiment to prepare for snowshoe racing season. Last year, my times were pretty lackluster thanks to having an autumn where I didn't run much, in part from being distracted with hunting season and the incredible fly fishing that October and November offers. I'd like to not be frustrated by extended time off from running again.

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Sparkplug said...

Glad the closing is happening! Hurray! Congrats. As for running, we're coming up on the best time of year to run - hope you can get out there as much as you'd like!!