Friday, June 28, 2013

Downpour on the Trails

My legs felt great today. That's not good. I abide by the guideline that says the day after interval work or a tempo run the legs should feel tired and one should naturally only want to run at an easy pace. Obviously, that's a result of cutting yesterday's workout short, but good to know that even though I wasn't feeling it yesterday, it wasn't the result of overworking my legs specifically because of that workout, but likely more in a general sense.

So, today's pace was still easy, but I could have easily have gone faster and maybe I should have, but navigating numerous large puddles served as an effective speed governor.

Light rain throughout, sans the two huge downpours that drenched me during the run. That was a lot of fun. Another nice benefit to the cool rain was it kept the bugs down. There were a few deer flies, but I only noticed them when I stopped briefly to look at a pond and a stream and even then they were slow and few in number. When moving, it was as if they weren't even there.

Pretty pleased with the mileage I'm racking up this week. Nothing spectacular, presently I'm at 37.4, but that's good for where I'm at right now. If I get in a long run tomorrow, I could be looking at a 60+ week.

Ran 7.3 miles @ 10:11/mile pace.
Very hilly.
Upper 50s, overcast, rain.
Nike Waffle Racer VIII, shorts, long sleeved shirt, cap.

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