Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Surprising Decent Track Workout

Ready Player One.
I think I've done just one other speed workout in the past two months. It was more than time. Was glad to hit the track this afternoon, but also expected a lot of rust and prepared myself beforehand for what I anticipated to be an ego-crushing workout.

I was wrong. Surprisingly, my times were pretty decent and I was just slightly slower than par based on previous workouts during a training cycle. Very, very pleased and a good confidence booster.

Workout was alternating 800M and 400M repeats with 400M of active recovery in between. Four reps each, but was prepared to do just three each in case the wheels came off. Towards the end, I actually considered tacking on another set of reps, but decided not to push it this soon. In the midst of a training cycle, absolutely, but for now, best to play it safe.

Splits are below. Hard to gauge the pace with 400M after an 800M, especially since I'm more used to the latter, but so be it. It all still went very well.

Cooled down by running barefoot on the grass. Great foot massage from that.

w/u: Ran 1.3 miles @ 7:19/mile pace.
8 X alternating 800M and 400M reps w/ 400M active recovery. 2:48, 1:23, 2:54, 1:24, 2:50, 1:23, 2:52, 1:25.
c/d: Ran 1.1 miles @ 11:07/mile pace. Barefoot on grass.
Mid 60s, mostly cloudy, humid.
Nike Waffle Racer VIII, shorts, short sleeved shirt.

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