Sunday, February 03, 2013

2013 Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic Race Report

Ominous start. Awesome finish.

The morning got off on the wrong foot when Kate and I pulled up and I realized I left my backpack at home. Crap!!! Fortunately, I was already wearing most of what I had hoped to run in, but in the backpack were a couple of other running jackets and a favorite pair of gloves. I had planned on running in just a long sleeved shirt over a short sleeved one, but if I would need a jacket, I'd be screwed. Fortunately, I had another pair of gloves in my car. Mad props to Kate for keeping my head in check and assuring me I had all I need and was fine.

Checked in, and Al, Andy and I ran a warm-up. Fortunately, this verified that I would be fine without a jacket. Whew. That lowered my stress level. Got in some stride work, butt kicks and high knees and it was soon time to race.

Andy, Al, me and Scott.
Miles 0-3
I was running without a watch. I have a Timex Run Trainer coming in tomorrow, but decided to run this one by feel as an experiment. However, I still wanted to know what I was running on occasion. Mile one is downhill and very fast. When we hit the marker, I knew Al wasn't far behind me so I called out "Split?" over my shoulder.

"6:20!" Al replied.

I answered with a thumbs up.

"Wait, that's my split. You were a little faster."

Another thumbs up.

"You were probably 6:18 or so."

"Got it, thanks Al."

"No wait, actually you were probably about 6:16. Maybe 6:17. It all depends if you look at it..."

"Got it, Al. Thank you."

Courtesy: Maine Running Photos
Horrible form. Shoulders too high. Need to relax. 
Mile two punishes you if you go out too fast. There are three distinct rolling hills that are pretty steep. The roller coaster ride makes you realize how big of a piece of cake the first mile is. There was a clock at the marker and I remember it reading 13:03 for mile two when I passed it.

Right around here, I linked up with a really nice fellow named Ward. This guy was great and I owe him for setting the tone early in the race. We briefly exchanged goals which were similar, but I could tell by his breathing he had more to give (he ended up killing it with a big negative split). Anyway, we worked together and shortly afterwards were running with two other folks. I knew one of them, Phil, and had seen the other guy around. We had a great pack going here, pulling each other along.

Miles 4-6
Pace is remaining steady and fast. I wasn't sure how fast, but I wanted to hang with this pack and I felt I could hold it for a while without trashing the later miles. Bit of a risk, but it paid off very well.

Just before mile 5, the pack was breaking up a bit. There was a clock here and it read 31:51 when I passed (6:23/mile). I remember this easily because calculations were flying in my head. I was 39 seconds ahead for finishing with a 1:05:00 time. Nice.

As we were coming up on the sixth mile, I could see fellow Trail Monster Andy in the distance. He had been well out of sight before. Hmmm. However, there was a more immediate and attainable target. Last March at the Midcoast Half Marathon, I remember catching a guy in a patterned purple shirt late in the race. I easily recognized this shirt and knew it was him (talked with him afterwards, really nice guy and it was him). Worked to pass him and I did.

Mile 7-9
Still holding pace and it was hard work, but I knew I was fine. No signs of the wheels falling off. I knew I was giving it all I had while pacing it well. Sweet. Leap frogged a few times with one of the guys from the pack I was in before.

Passed the third woman and concentrated on just keeping it going. Mile 8 is a beeyatch, thanks to a long, grinding uphill that seems magnified this late in the race. Andy kept getting closer and closer. I knew I'd likely run out of real estate before I caught him but I made it a goal to see how close I could get.

Clock was set up at the end of mile 9. I forget what it said, but it showed that I was going to be significantly under my 1:05:00 goal time. I was pumped.

Mile 10

Courtesy: Maine Running Photos.
About a tenth of a mile to go. 
Another uphill. Was caught by two runners early on here, including purple shirt guy. He didn't blow past me and soon settled in but we were running equal paces and if I were to make a move it would have to come at the top of the hill with only a few tenths of a mile to go. You know, I didn't mind. I was already going to be well under my goal time so I just concentrated on burning whatever gas I had left and kept hauling ass the best I could.

Top of the hill and that sharp left turn that precedes a downhill to the finish line just a few tenths of a mile away. Ahhh. Let loose but there was no catching purple shirt guy but also nobody nipping at my heels.

Crossed the finish line in 1:03:45. Way better than last year's 1:05:07. I figured I would probably run 1:04:45-ish today so really nice to beat that by a full minute. Also a positive split by only three seconds.

The finish. 
Exchanged nice jobs with purple shirt runner and a few others and then felt my stomach churn. Went off to a snow bank and puked. After that, I nearly made Kate puke as apparently I had some vomit in my beard. Sorry, TMI?

Andy, Al and I went for a cooldown run and exchanged war stories. Very fun to recap the race with them. Definitely an awesome day!


Ran 10.0 miles @ 6:23/mile pace.
Official time: 1:03:45
Overall placing: 24th out of 611.
AG (40-44): 4th of 44
Paved roads.
Moderately hilly.
Mid 20s, overcast, light snow flurries.
Saucony Kinvara 3, long tights, long sleeved shirt, short sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves.


Grellan said...

Great result and gutsy performance Jamie - coming in a minute ahead of target is fantastic.

middleagedrunner said...

Nice job- I totally would have barfed too if I had run that crazy fasy. Nice meeting you as well, it's always fun to meet people from the internets in person :-)

pathfinder said...

great job Jamie!! Did you guys all wear blue to confuse everyone?

Sarah said...

wooo hooo sweet run jamie! as always, good to see you. ward is actually a friend of mine... good guy!