Sunday, August 26, 2018

Full Circle

Running has been going great lately. The mileage was starting to ramp up, but lower back spasms a few weeks ago forced about a week off. However, I got over it and was easily able to pick up where I left off. I got in over 50 miles this week and I'm pretty stoked about it.

Time is about to get tighter with the school year about to start, however, this time around things will likely be very different. I'm starting a new job in Ellsworth teaching media, pretty much the same thing I did for 12 years down in southern Maine. It was unexpected and basically fell in my lap. I'm still amazed at my good fortune. The familiarity makes a huge difference, as the past two years teaching English and working as an academic interventionist required a lot more planning and were also pretty intense.

And, again just like in southern Maine, the icing on the cake is I'm the assistant coach for our high school's cross country team. There are many opportunities to work out with the kids which is fantastic and a win-win. I'm still pinching myself as my dream scenario career-wise has come to fruition after moving downeast. I'm beyond stoked.

As a result, I'm guessing I should be able to maintain respectable weekly mileage. Time will tell that for sure, but I think that'll be the case. My motivation is pretty high to run also. On top of running with the team, a neighbor has really taken his trail running to the next level so I've been hitting the local trails and logging roads with him a few times a week. I went from doing pretty much all of my runs alone to most of my runs being with others. Though I'm pretty introverted, I gotta say that makes a huge difference.