Monday, August 10, 2009

Good News is Always Welcome

Got very encouraging news from the sports doctor today. The MRI showed that the stress fracture is healing nicely (I wish I asked for the pictures, it looked pretty cool). I'm glad I stopped running when I suspected I had it. That time off served me well and now I'm really glad I played things safe.

As a result, I can start weening myself off the pneumatic boot. The minute I feel any discomfort in the ankle, I am to put it back on though. Once I can go a full week in total comfort without the boot, I can start to run again. When this will happen exactly, I have no idea, but it should be sooner than the 6-8 weeks I had originally thought I might have to take off after today.

I'm stoked about this news. The doc said I should definitely be able to do the elliptical machines at the gym for cardio. I'll add that to my workouts starting tomorrow. In the meantime, the weightlifting has been going well. It can't compare to running obviously, but I still am really enjoying it. I'm hoping a little extra muscle all around (but not too much) will help make me less injury prone. Worth a shot.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lifting Heavy, Large Metal Thingies

Since I'm on the running DL, I've taken to weightlifting the past several days to give me something fitness-related to do. I don't want to feel like a slug, and I've actually been looking for a good excuse to start pumping iron again. No better time than now!

They say muscles have memory. I've weightlifted several times in the past, the last serious stint being around 10 years ago. Hopefully Alzheimer's hasn't set in. So far, so good though.

I expect to not be able to run again for another 6-8 weeks, but I should know for sure about that early next week (MRI is Friday, consultation is Monday). So, the plan is to get as ripped as I can until I can run again. I haven't really though much beyond that point. I'd like to continue to weightlift when I start running again though, but not sure I want to get up to the point I was a decade ago. Obviously though, a more stable core can translate to better running... but no need to worry about how much just yet.

But, for the time being, I'm really enjoying the weightlifting. I'm using the University of Southern Maine's gym, which is very nice and only about a 20 minute drive away. Nice to have access to it since I'm a student there. Looking forward to running again, but glad to occupy my time productively in the meantime!