Saturday, October 09, 2010

Craig Cup 5K and the Post-Run

Was more than happy to help Jeff out and volunteer at the Craig Cup 5K cross country race this morning at Twin Brooks. The USATF folks handled the finish line, so it was pretty easy going from my perspective. Just helped with registration and corralling the runners in order when they finished, but the field was pretty spread out so it was really easy. Jeff did a great job organizing the race and everything went super smoothly.

Speaking of Jeff.. that crackhead actually raced it, and this is just one week after his 3-hour marathon. Can't remember his time today, but it was really fast.

Afterwards, Jeff, Ryan, Val, Rick, Kate B., and I all went out for an easy trail run. Kept the pace slow and I had a blast talking about marathon training and races.

Legs felt fantastic and fresh as daisies, just as they should at this point in the taper. I get to run 11 miles tomorrow, which will be welcome, but I have to keep the pace easy.

Ran 5.3 miles @ 9:11/mile pace.
Moderately hilly.
Lower 50s, sunny, breezy.
Brooks Mach 11, shorts, short sleeved shirt, Moeben sleeves.

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middle.professor said...

Well thanks for the early morning help. And that wasn't a race, that was 3 X 1 mile @ 5k pace with really short recoveries!