Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hills and Pedals

Good ride today, doing an eight mile loop I normally run. Highlight was making it up a long, steep hill without taking my feet off the pedals. I did this with Jim's bike before, but the advantage with his bike was with lower gears and also clips on the pedals (enabling more power on the upstroke). Doing it with harder gears (I have eight as opposed to 24) and platform pedals was more of a challenge, and I did it relatively easily today.

Speaking of platform pedals, I think I'll stick with them, at least for now. I've really grown used to them, and really like not having to clip in and out. A lot of what I've been riding is really technical, so that's a huge plus when I have to quickly put a foot down. I've ordered a pair of shin guards to give some added protection in case my feet do slip, but I really like the trade off of not being locked in.

Mountain biked 8.7 miles @ 8.3 mph/avg (22.0 mph/max)
Technical trails and fireroads.
Very hilly.
Upper 50s to lower 60s, sunny.
Shorts, short sleeved shirt.


Jason said...

Hi Jamie,

I have been lurking for some time now and thought I would say Hi, and that I would recommend working the clip in peddles every once and a wile. They do offer a lot as far as climbing and technical parts,not much different on downhill.
Anyway have a great day and hope the foot gets better

Jamie said...

Thanks Jason. I might switch to them at some point, but I think the platforms are also helping with technique. Checked out your blog, like the podcast format. Good stuff!

jason said...

Why thank you I am having a good time with the podcast and because of it I am getting to talk and meet new people that I would have never met any other way.