Monday, July 27, 2009

Data Gathering

Microbeads of sweat had already formed on my skin from the warm, humid air before the run even started. This was comforting, as I knew the heavy perspiration I'd experience during my run wouldn't entirely be from being out of shape from taking the past month off. On a similar note, I was glad I decided not to wear the heart rate monitor. I wouldn't have a sound excuse for diluting that information.

The appointment with the sports doctor is Friday, and I wanted to test things out to see where I was at with the ankle injury so I could perhaps explain things better. At times walking around, I can feel it, especially going downstairs, but to call it painful would be a stretch. Still, it's been there. As a result, I would be very careful during today's run, not hesitating to stop and walk home if needed. The results ended up being somewhat mixed.

I was shooting for around three miles, but predicted I'd get 8/10's of a mile into the run before the ankle became too painful or uncomfortable and then I'd shuffle home. However, I didn't even feel the ankle at all until I was probably 3/10's of a mile into the run. Even then it was so slight, I was wondering if it was psychosomatic.

8/10's of a mile into the run and I was sure that the ankle discomfort wasn't mental. Still, it wasn't bad and I felt I could go on.

Two miles into the run and the discomfort had ramped up a little and was now more consistent. This increase had continued at a very slow rate, almost like a faucet dripping, since I first felt it.

5k later and I was home. The ankle didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, and I was somewhat encouraged at the time. Somewhat. But the obvious red flag was that it did continue to get worse as the run went on. It would have no doubt have continued to do so, and anything more than what I did today probably would have been really stupid. I can imagine if real hills were thrown into the route, it would have been even less pretty. Speaking strictly for myself, I don't really see much of the point in running unless there are real hills. When I can run them again with no problems, I know I'll be healed.

Here it is about a half an hour after the run. I have since showered and walked around a bit. The discomfort has escalated even further. Not super painful, but clearly there. Not a good sign and any encouragement I had felt a little while ago has since been erased.

Looking forward to the doctor's appointment on Friday to hopefully finally get a true verdict so I can better plan out a return. I'm still highly suspicious it's a stress fracture, but I remain open-minded to some sort of soft tissue injury. Still, I've had my fair share of those, and this clearly feels different. Pain is right on the bone, in fact. But guesses are far from facts, and hopefully the sports doc will shed some light on things.

Ran 3.1 miles @ 8:31/mile pace.
Paved roads.
Slightly hilly.
Mid 70s, very humid, mostly cloudy.
Shorts, sleeveless shirt.


pathfinder said...

I agree, from your description of progressive discomfort and pain as the run went on, It does sound like a stress fracture of some sort.

Hopefully the doctor visit will enlighten you and perhaps it is not that bad.

Grellan said...

Best of luck with the sports doctor Jamie.

Love2Run said...

Hope it's not a sign of aggravating the healing process? Any bets he prescribes more rest? Good luck!

Mike said...

Bleh, we need you back on the trails! Hope everything goes well on Friday and you get some solid answers and a plan of attack.

Good luck dude